USA Customs Brokerage

At TradeBorder Logistics, we pride ourselves on being your strategic partner for a seamless experience across All USA Ports of Entry. Our specialized services encompass meticulous Entry Preparation & Handling, ensuring that your shipments navigate the complex customs landscape with precision. Tailored for shippers, our comprehensive offerings extend to managing In-Bonds, handling cancellations, and facilitating liberations, guaranteeing compliance and efficiency at every stage. We excel in the management of Continuous and Single Entry Bonds, providing comprehensive coverage for your diverse import and export needs. Our dedicated Runner Service, among other offerings, is designed to add an extra layer of efficiency, ensuring your goods traverse the entry process smoothly. Partner with us for a holistic solution that goes beyond, anticipating and addressing every intricacy in the realm of entry preparation and handling at USA Ports.

  • All USA Ports of Entry
  • Entry Preparation & Handling
  • Shippers
  • In-Bonds/ Cancellation/ Liberation
  • Continuous & Single Entry Bonds
  • Runner Service and more…

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