Online Inventory System 

At the heart of our operational prowess is an in-house Inventory System, a dynamic solution crafted with adaptability in mind. Offering 100% customization, this system aligns precisely with your business requirements. Immerse yourself in real-time control, where Bar-Code technology takes center stage, ensuring meticulous labeling on all merchandise. This seamless integration empowers automatic processes, expedites system input, and enforces vigilant inventory control. Furthermore, our system seamlessly incorporates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), enhancing communication efficiency. This multifaceted approach not only guarantees precision in inventory management but also propels your business towards a new era of streamlined, technologically advanced operations.

  • In house Inventory System
  • 100% Customizable 
  • Real time, Bar-Code control and labeling on all merchandise for automatic processes, system input, inventory control, and EDI.

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